Why moulay?

While you may have arrived to explore the nearby Roman ruins of Volubilis, we strongly encourage you to stay a night, or two. If you’re the off the beaten path traveler, someone who prefers slow and authentic travel to photo stops, you may find a little piece of paradise in the holy city of Moulay Idriss.

Moulay Idriss is a very ‘GO LOCAL‘ experience and a place to observe, or take part in, local life as it has been for the moroccan traditions.  You can RELAX on the terrace with views of Volubilis, the Zerhoune mountain range, fertile valley and the town of Moulay Idriss.  or GET ACTIVE by biking or hiking on many of the mountain paths, swim in the roman baths or enjoy our forest.  IMMERSE into local traditions with a hammam in the oldest traditional hammam in town, followed by a trip the the coiffure or barber, feel like a local as you bake in the community ovens, have henna art].  OBSERVE traditional life by sitting in the main square, outside the mausoleum and indiscretely peak into life as it has been for centuries.  See the donkeys go by with a variety of goods, locals making pilgrimage to the Mausoleum, ladies shopping for the days delights, children playing in the main square. LEARN  about Islam, the life of women in Morocco, Roman times by spending time with our staff or guides and you  are welcome to ask all the questions you wish too.

It is safe to say that a visit to Moulay Idriss will surprise you as you discover beyond Volubilis and the gem of experiences we offer.

Artisans at work

You’ll be amazed by what the artisans in Moulay Idriss and the surrounding villages can create from tiny workshops. Men caring wood, sewing djellabas, women embroidering and more! It is possible to do a tour of the artisans in their village or spend time with the local craftsmen.

Shop like a local

The Saturday market is a great way to witness life in Moulay as locals from surrounding villages travel early with their wares and buy what is on offer. Expect to see everything from teapots to djellabas, sheep and eggs and so much more! You may need to haggle a bit, but more often than not the price you are given is most likely the local price. Then complete the experience by sipping a tea or coffee in the main square where the locals meet after a morning of shopping.

Getting active in the local surroundings

From an easy 45 minute walk to Volubilis to a five-hour strenuous walk, trekking in Moulay Idriss means meeting friendly villagers and enjoying fabulous views along the way. Or perhaps you just want to walk to the top of town for a panoramic view. But if you opt for a full-day of trekking, it is safe to do so and we can arrange a local guide who has been walking these hills for most of his life to provide cultural insight. You may wish to hire a donkey to make the trek a bit easier.

Bicycle hire

You most likely arrived in the Moulay Idriss area to visit the nearby Roman ruins of Volubilis. Just five kilometres from Dar Zerhoune, Volubilis is a gentle cycle away and we can arrange bicycle hire to get you there.

Wander and admire

This white-washed medina spread over two hills separated by a mausoleum (restricted to Muslims only), a central square where locals sit and watch the world go by, friendly locals who welcome respectful visitors, and Roman baths nearby, the holy city of Moulay Idriss is a laid-back town to wander through. Artisans working in small workshops and local markets are a daily occurrence. It truly is an untouched village where travelers experience authentic Morocco.


You may just find that Moulay Idriss is worth more than a passing visit.

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