We LOVE our donkeys in Moulay Idriss as they are used to transport everything from people, shopping, luggage, beds, fridges, tables around  due to the hilly nature of the town.  EVERYTHING that you sleep on and enjoy at Dar Zerhoune has been moved in by donkey.

If you fancy a donkey ride we offer donkey rides to Volubilis with amazing views of Moulay Idriss, the Zerhoune mountains and Volubilis.  You will walk via olive groves and local village life – from the vantage point of the top of your donkey.  Please enquire at

Dar Zerhoune gives back to the donkeys…
We are passionate about giving back to the community with our Dar Zerhoune donkey project.  We have four parts to the project – VET CARE – EDUCATION- EQUIPMENT – VACCINATION.  Thank you soooo much to the guests and friends of Dar Zerhoune for your support.

VET CARE – Once a month, Dar Zerhoune collaborates with the American Fondouk in Fes to bring the vets to take care of the Moulay Idriss donkeys.  This is a free service for the donkey owners and will ensure that they remain in good health.   This costs £50/60 euro/$60 a month to host.  And it costs £25/30euro/$30 a month to feed and house the donkeys we care for while they are recovering.  

EDUCATION – We realise that it is just as important for the donkey owners to learn about taking care of their own donkeys so we arrange for the donkey men to have an educational day trip to the American Fondouk in Fes to learn about many aspects of donkey care like feeding;/wound care/ infections;/healthy feet, and see the resources available to them. This cost is £125/190 euro/$190 each trip for up to 30 donkey men.  We will run these every 3-6 months depending on funds and the first is 29 November 2015.

EQUIPMENT – A number of our donkeys have cuts on their ankles due to being tethered with thin ropes so we are investing in better equipment.  Firstly we are going to source and make hobbles (for the ankles) locally in Moulay Idriss so that we also create local employment and knowledge.  The cost of this is TBC.

VACCINATION – We think it is a good idea to have our donkeys (approximately 70) vaccinated against tetanus, which can be a deadly disease.  It cost £6/9 euro/$9 per vaccine per donkey and we require 2 doses in one year, and 1 dose a year later to vaccinate each donkey for life.

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The first donkey day was 21 June 2015 and nearly 45% of the donkeys of Moulay Idriss attended to have a free vet check up.  It was a great day and we learnt the names of the donkeys, how proud the owners are of them and that they are kept in good health.  It was a very, very exciting and proud moment from us all at Dar Zerhoune and thank you to the American Fondouk, our guests who donated to the event and the locals of Moulay Idriss for their support.

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Please see photos from 21 June 2015 Dar Zerhoune donkey day below.


Please send us your donkey pictures and we will post them here, along with some of my favourite donkey shots.


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