Sip and savour

With olive groves producing a distinctly unique –tasting olive oil, to laid-back coffees in the main square or even late-night eats at a local grill, Moulay Idriss is an ideal foodie destination.

Street eats

The street food of Moulay Idriss is some of the best you may taste in Morocco. From grilled meats prepared over open barbeques just off the central square, to some of the freshest nougat purchased on the central plaza, to freshly made breads prepared at various times throughout the day and accompanied by local olive oil, Moulay Idriss has a street food scene that is second to none!

Watch the world go by in the main square

Donkeys delivering fresh fruit and vegetables, locals selling freshly made nougat, smoke rising from the nearby grills, women bustling about and meeting at the local water fountains. Sipping a nouss nouss (Moroccan café au lait) in the main square of Moulay Idriss provides an opportunity to indiscreetly peek in to daily life in Moulay Idriss, and also traditional moroccan culture.

Taste of Moulay

At Dar Zerhoune, we invite guests to have a true Taste of Moulay. From your table on the rooftop terrace, admire the views of Volubilis, the white-washed medina and mountains as the call to prayer sounds out as you sample the distinct local olive oil before tucking in to succulent kababs that Moulay is known for. Be sure to save space for chewy nougat for dessert.

Olives and olive oil

You cannot arrive in Moulay Idriss without noticing the abundance of olive tree’s and we produce delicious fresh pressed olive oil and olives.  The olive season is from October to January and it is a hive of activity.  When you stop by we will let you know what is happening.

Fertile land

Moulay Idriss and the surrounding land is fertile and provides the majority of our crops to a daily fruit and vegetable market.  Each day we ask at the market what is fresh from the area and where each of the produce comes from.  It is a delight to live somewhere to see agriculture all year round, wheat, barley, chickpeas, sunflowers, olives, aubergine, onions, peppers, tomatoes, prunes, prickly pears and so much more.

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