Special events

There are alot of festivals and pilgrimages in Moulay Idriss, that non muslims are welcome to witness, take part in or just indiscretely peek into traditional, local, moroccan life.  We have a donkey festival, the moussems (pilgrimages), a poetry weekend, a music festival at Volubilis and Meknes, Ramadan experience and Eid celebrations.

Moulay Idriss is a Holy City, and non muslims are welcome to observe and experience the religious festivals.  Moulay Idriss has a great layout as most of these start in the main square where there is ample watching space at the cafes.   We offer special packages to experience religious festivals, such as Eid, in Moulay Idriss to learn about the culture and to experience too.  Please contact Rose directly on info@darzerhoune.com.

The Moussem is when dignatories, locals and surrounding villagers make the pilgrimage to the Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss. No two Moussem’s are the same as each one is for different reasons and people. The Moussem’s happen each Thursday night in the month of August, or until the rains start (apparently)

During this time it is still open for non-Muslims to visit Moulay Idriss, and it is infact welcomed that we are able to learn more about Islam in this Holy City. The atmosphere is festive and you can hear singing of the Quran into the night from the Mausoleum.

You can read about the Moussems here

During the 30 days of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and it is not an easy task during the summer months. The dates of Ramadan move forward by approximately 10 days each year and there are good online references to inform you of when Ramadan is.

Dar Zerhoune is OPEN as a RESTAURANT and guesthouse during Ramadan.

Of course it is possible to visit Moulay Idriss during Ramadan and tourists are welcomed, and it is a very different experience. During the day the coffee shops that would be full to bursting with clients sitting over a coffee for hours, are closed… All street restaurants are closed. About 2 hours before we break the fast the shops are bustling as locals are buying their food to break the fast with, fresh breads, fruits, cheeses, vegetables – it is a wonderful, abundant sight.

And it is as the sun sets over the city, we hear the call to prayer that there is silence, just silence, as everyone goes to break that fast with their family and friends. From now the coffee shops are open and busier than before as locals greet their friends, stop by as they go too and from the mosque. And trumpets are played in the night to let the locals know it is close to time to start fasting. It is a wonderful atmosphere to visit in. If you are in Moulay Idriss during Ramadan, please be sensitive to the locals and do not eat or drink in public.

Please note that Dar Zerhoune is open for lunch for non-Muslims, even during Ramadan, so you can enjoy a lunch on the terrace as you watch over the views of Volubilis, mountains, the city and the valley.

Please read the following link about my experience of Ramadan in Morocco.

Eid al Adha celebrations
Dar Zerhoune offers exclusive packages to celebrate Eid al Adha in the Holy city of Moulay Idriss.  It is a special time and place to be.  You will learn about Islam and the customs and culture of this time, all meals are included, you have the option to witness Eid with a local family, tours ad experiences of Moulay Idriss is included.  If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity to dive deep and experience the culture and customs of Morocco and Islam then please contact Rose on info@darzerhoune.com